May 30, 2023

“Diwaniyat Al-Maqar”… a dialogue session that explores the future of the date industry, its economics, and the empowerment of farmers in Medina

The dialogue session, which was held in the fifth “Diwaniyat al-Maqr” in Medina, discussed anticipating the future of dates and their economics, strengthening their industry, improving the quality of their products, empowering farmers, attracting investors, and encouraging their marketing internally and exporting them externally. The session witnessed the presence of Engineer Fahd Al-Baleishi, Mayor of Medina, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sarani, President of Taibah University, Majid Al-Shalhoub, CEO of Al-Maqar Development and Development Company, “the investment arm of the Municipality of the Medina region,” and a large number of opinion writers, members of the Shura Council, and stakeholders and those interested in the sector, under the auspices of Prince Saud bin Khalid Al-Faisal, Deputy Emir of the Medina Region. For his part, Engineer Anas Saleh Serafi, a member of the dialogue session in the headquarters’ Diwaniyah, explained that decision-makers and makers of regulations and legislation met with date makers, merchants and farmers; To create a promising future for dates in Medina, to occupy its prestigious position as the capital of dates, not only for its economic value and competitive nutritional quality; Rather, it is due to its exceptional cultural value as a tourist product and a historical heritage linked to the fragrant biography of the Master of Creation. Its merits have been mentioned in numerous prophetic hadiths that confirm its uniqueness and blessing. Serafi reviewed the new Central Dates Market project within the Food and Central Markets City, which is currently being developed with investments exceeding one billion riyals, as one of the public-private partnership projects (PPP), with a contract extending 50 years, on an area of one million square meters, in a uniquely distinguished location near the Haramain Express Train Station. The intersection of Sayyidna Ali bin Abi Talib Road and King Khalid Road in accordance with the highest international standards in implementation and safety, and the finest international practices in management and operation. The City of Dates has been allocated an area exceeding 200,000 square metres, which includes a retail and wholesale date market with more than 100 showrooms, 20 warehouses and a refrigerated warehouse, on an area of 25,000 square metres, in addition to a large auction arena that can accommodate 20 auctions at the same time, on an area of 78,000 square metres. In addition to the festivals and events arena on an area of 17 thousand square metres, and the comprehensive service center for dates on an area of 87 thousand square metres, specializing in manufacturing, packaging and export industries in partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Islamic Development Bank, in addition to a city for refrigerated warehouses for dates with a number exceeding 200 warehouses on an area of 51 thousand square metres. In addition to a permanent museum, a permanent exhibition of date products, a headquarters for the Date Producers Association, another for the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, and a branch of the municipality. “Sirfi” said: The project is receiving special care and personal attention from the Emir of the region and his deputy, so that in the near future – God willing – it will form an attractive cultural destination for the people of Medina and its visitors, and a model city to enrich an integrated shopping experience for the central markets. The wheel of construction has begun in record time, thanks to God, and it is expected The first phase dedicated to the City of Dates will be completed during the next year, God willing