January 21, 2024

A white facade with transparent glass reflects transparency and enhances confidence in the headquarters

In a few days, Al-Maqar Development Company will reveal the details of its new building, extending over an area of eight thousand square metres, which – with its creative design – reflects the goals of Al-Maqar’s identity and its prominent role in society.
The new building, located along Quba Street, is distinguished by its wonderful architecture – both in appearance and furnishing, as the company’s departments have been distributed in an aesthetic manner to create a work environment that stimulates creativity.
The new headquarters building is one floor, has an area of 2,000 square metres, and the area of the cultivated areas around it is 1,600 square metres.
The company’s building was designed in a way that takes into account the accuracy of details and the spirit of creativity, aiming to transform the old building that is more than twenty years old (the ancient municipality of Quba) into a model building in a strategic location.
The design reflects the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of solutions that clearly express the company’s identity and meet the needs of users and visitors. The building also highlights a modern and dynamic approach to allocating spaces and using them in an effective manner, which encourages effective internal communication between various departments and stimulates positive interaction.
The building is designed according to a solid strategy aimed at improving the employee experience and raising the quality of the work environment.
The building’s white exterior facade, with its transparent glass, reflects the transparency that distinguishes Al-Maqar Company in dealing with investors and developers. To create mutual trust, through which it seeks to encourage investments within the city.
The arches depict an architectural urban journey, from your entry into the headquarters through the arches that reflect the city sky, to the white interior arches with distinctive lighting.
Attention was also paid to choosing the interior colors of the building, as they were derived from the partners’ logos, which adds distinction and enhances the complete connection with every investor and developer who contributed to improving the quality of life in the city.
The CEO of Al-Maqar Development Company, Majid Al-Shalhoub, confirmed that the new building reinforces the strategic pillars adopted by Al-Maqar Company, the most prominent of which is achieving the elements of quality of life. He added that the building was worked on by a work team composed of headquarters employees, starting with the idea and design after that, and following up on the project work, as stated in a location that serves all investors, and near a number of the company’s projects that have already begun construction work.
Building semantics:
A design that reflects the spirit of innovation and expresses the company’s identity
He takes into account the accuracy of details and the spirit of creativity
A solid strategy aimed at improving employee experience
An exemplary investment of space enhances communication between departments
A white facade with transparent glass reflects transparency in dealing
The arches are external and internal, delineating a geometric urban journey

8 departments in the company:
Executive management
Investment executive management
Financial executive management
General Administration of Urban Development
General Department of Operations
the legal administration
Corporate communication management
Support services management

New headquarters numbers:
8 thousand square meters total land area
2000 m² building area
1600 m² area of green spaces in its surroundings